The foundational and core business of Navya, with the highest level of specialization.

Navya has conducted hundreds of projects thanks to a group of highly qualified experts in Airspace Management & Design and Air Navigation Services, including Air Traffic Services, Communications, Navigations and Surveillance, not only with a deep technical background, but also with a wide knowledge and experience around international legal frameworks, and in permanent contact with National and European Authorities and International Civil Air organizations (OACI, EUROCONTROL, EASA, FAA, AENA, AESA ,DGAC, …).

Main areas covered by the Air Navigation division are:

AIA (Aeronautical Impact Analysis)

  • Aerodrome and Radioelectrical obstacle limitation surfaceS analysis
  • Getting approval for construction of potentially dangerous structures
  • Aeronautical Operational Impact and Safety Assesment.

  • ASM (Airspace Management)

  • Air Space Structure, Feasibility and Compatibility Analysis
  • Flight Procedures Design (SID/STARs , Approach, Charts, Radar Vectorial Guidance)
  • Routes Planning and Optimization
  • New Airports Planning & Design and Runway Capacity studies

  • ANS (Air Navigations Services)

  • Technical assistance for certification of ANSPs providers (ATM/CNS/AIS/MET service providers)
  • ATM Safety Management
  • RNAV / RNP: Design of advanced area navigation procedures
  • GNSS /SBAS : Satellite-based navigation procedures
  • PBN Concept